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Height: 6'0" | Weight: 181 lbs. |  Ethnicity: African-American | Eye Color: brown   |   Hair Color: black

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD. I started my acting career in ninth grade after joining the Creative Arts Group in Pottstown, PA. Having learned to play the trumpet since the age of seven years old, I played 1st trumpet for the Creative Arts Group during musical performances and began stage acting. My passion for acting grew stronger from the moment I first stepped foot on stage.
I moved to Los Angeles following my third year of college from Washington DC to Riverside, CA. One night after attending an Award Show with a classmate, I met a guy who invited me out to a casting call for a big up-and-coming movie project.
I returned to school over the next following days, while working a part-time job with Avis rent-a-car at the Ontario, CA International Airport, thinking very little about the casting call opportunity. While at work one day after school, I realized the day of the casting call had arrived! So I borrowed a company vehicle during my lunch break and made a dash for it.
It was risky, but it paid off. That casting call landed me my first role ever as a trumpeter in Bill Condon’s Dreamgirls. I appeared again as the pianist during the on-camera scene, Steppin’ To The Bad Side. More importantly, my work on Dreamgirls earned my way into The Screen Actors Guild.

Soon after Dreamgirls, I was cast in Rhyme and Punishment, a documentary by Peter Spirer, drawing the connection between violence, incarceration, and rap entertainers. This was a behind-the-scenes look at what really happens when rap entertainers deal with the consequences of criminal charges beyond self-glorified rap lyrics. I played the role re-enactment of various rap entertainers behind bars throughout the documentaries narrative.

I later earned a spot in my first national commercial for Blackberry Storm: Feel Your Passion. This opportunity gave me the financial freedom to study my craft more. In due time, I was called to play the role of "Xaxier," alongside Kel Mitchell, in the motion picture Don’t Touch if You Ain’t Prayed 2: Walk By Faith. A romantic comedy written and directed by Jill Maxcy.

Following the completion of that film I joined yet another film of the same production, Black Women’s Guide to Finding a Good Man. Within this same time period, I found myself featured on Nickelodeon’s cable network series Just Jordan. I was cast as the Gipper’s Varsity High School basketball team captain. I also played the part of "Jerome" on the motion picture film Hard Breakers, written and directed by Leah Sturgis; starring Cameron Richardson, Sophie Monk, Tom Arnold, Bobby Lee, Sticky Fingaz and Tia Carrere.
After successfully completing a number of comedic roles alongside such amazing pre-existing comedic talent, I was inspired to try my own hand at stand-up comedy. I performed a few nights a week at The Comedy Store  in the Belly Room on Sunset Boulevard. Performing stand-up comedy was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever experienced in my entire life! The people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made. I’m still doing so much better in my career and personal life because of my stand-up comedy experience today. Comedic timing, improvisation and learning to hold an entire show all on my own while standing in the spotlight were few of the things I’d learned from becoming a stand-up comic. 
As time gone by, I decided to work hard and attack the industry for more commercial opportunities. Winning an audition with Coca-Cola for a spot on the informative commercial Hand Revolt. That same year earning a spot with Reebok for John Wall's “Zig” Encore basketball shoes. And again another spot for Nike: Kobe IV’s: Ankle Insurance, featuring the 5-time championship/ MVP himself, Kobe Bryant. I loved that experience so much, I even brought a childhood friend with me to experience the whole day as we have always dreamed of since we were little kids, playing street ball on hot summer days.

In 2009, I was called in by casting, as recommended by Kel Mitchell, to perform in yet another film alongside himself, Page Kennedy and Todd Bridges in the comedy motion picture See Dick Run. written and directed by Dwayne Alexander Smith. As some time went by, I gained a feature on the Disney TV Series Jonas, starring all three Jonas brothers, as the “Camera Operator.” Later featured as the handsome-trendy “Nerd” on Cartoon Network’s: Adult Swim - NTSF:SD: SUV. And again another feature on TNT’s Saving Grace as Linda Hall’s accomplice “Boyfriend.”
Having had very little experience working with young up-and-coming directors out of school, I wanted to establish myself with some film students. I joined the AFI Conservatory and earned casting spots in two short films by Delmar Washington, out of USC school of Cinematic Arts. Delmar cast me in two of his short films entitled Before I Do, as "Ethan," and Last Hero Standing, as the “Super Hero.”
During this time the writer’s strike was looming overhead. It began to put a damper on things in the film industry. I decided to turn my attention towards a personal lifetime goal of mine and focused more on the entrepreneurial side of my talents in starting up my own business.

I created a fashion line called Rebellious. The brand embodied my own style and character of rebelling. I always swam up against the current. I challenged and questioned everything. My whole career choice was a sign of rebellion where I’m from and how I was brought up. I never completed college. I wanted to create dynamic individual change in my own way. Whenever and wherever possible. Even sometimes where it wasn’t possible. 
I was able to trademark the clothing company Rebellious and Rebel in International Class 25: Clothing. Resulting in the brand being recognized by various musical artists, athletes and fellow thespians all over the World. 
I returned to acting, the passion that brought me here, in 2014 vowing to go further and pushing myself to work even harder than before. I joined a class with Yvette Morton, who rediscovered me while working on a sound stage at Warner Brother Studios. With Yvette Morton I learned how to hold a stronger stage presence with demanding demeanor on film and auditions. While under her direction, I also had the opportunity of performing more theatre work and playing the role of "Troy" on the Fences by August Wilson.
That experience helped re-spark the light in me that would help me shine bright for the next years to come. I earned the audition fo “Med-Tech” on NBC’s / Universal pilot Feed Me, starring Mary-Louise Parker. That same month I was cast for Nike brand Jordan. 
Since than, 2016-2017 has been a very amazing year. Obtaining multiple commercial spots and earning the respect amongst colleagues and other industry professionals. I would say these days I’m more focused than ever as I continue to work harder each day to acquire new accomplishments in my acting career. My hopes and dreams are to work in more motion picture films throughout my career. And to become a top biller in a Broadway stage play.

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